Have an idea about what is a hickey

What is a hickey?

A Hickey (Hickie), sometimes a love bite or kiss designated characters is caused by a bite or suck bruise aggressive kiss the soft skin, usually around the neck or on your arm.

Nearly the whole body, you have many different types of blood vessels that transport blood to help.

The smallest blood vessels called capillaries in your body. If someone sucks hard on the soft skin, which can cause the capillaries beneath the surface to break, so that leaking blood into the surrounding tissue.

So pacifiers, as bruises are actually broken left blood vessels just below the surface of the skin than the blood.

The blood that has accumulated and coagulated under the skin is red first, but then, when he gets more oxygen, blood dries and becomes a brown or dark purple generally.

Pacifiers are often seen as a sign of possession by the person as they enter, and a mild form of sadism considered (pleasure inflicting pain).

You can in the nature of sexual or nonsexual and are very popular usually in high school.

The neck is the most commonly used pacifiers are given as the neck area a very simple view and is also an erogenous zone.

How long a Hickey past?

Pacifiers may vary depending on the size of the damage to the

What is a Hickey info
What is a Hickey info

capillaries under the surface. If a pacifier a take up to two weeks usually, although these vary slightly depending on the severity of pacifiers and the person who received it.

The blood in the tissue accumulated in the area of Hickey spreads slowly into the surrounding tissue, dispersed and dissolves slowly and reabsorbed. heal a hickey just like any other bruise, if you wonder how long it will naturally heal – just think of any other similar bruise that stays in his life!

If you do not want a hickey, you can learn from a hickey quickly get rid of here.


The important thing is, pacifiers are safe and do not cause permanent damag

[How to Give a Hickey] Read this before start !!!

How to Give a Hickey

Everybody always speaks about hickeys in high schools, but how do these strange red welts on individual’s neck come about? Are they accidental bruises or they are intentional received?

What Is a Hickey?

Hickeys are blood vessels under the skin that are bruised or broken. It is just like when a baseball hits you and breaks your blood vessels. In this case, it is not caused by a ball, it is caused by your partner’s mouth.

How To Give Someone a Hickey
How To Give Someone a Hickey

How To Give A Hickey?

If you want to give a hickey, put your mouth, in a kissing form on the side of your partner’s neck, and then leave it a bit open in the middle, as if you are saying ‘O’. The next thing is to strongly suck the skin into your mouth to break the blood vessels; it will be painful to your partner. In the end, that area will be a bit red. It takes about 30 seconds to do.

In case you are not good with the sucking, you can use your teach to nibble his or her skin. But that should be a last resort, because at this point where you use your teach, you are no longer giving your partner a hickey. You are just making his or her skin red by gnawing it.

Hickeys hurt, yes it does. The person you are giving a hickey will feel pains because you are breaking his or her blood vessels! To some people, a hickey is a mark of love that is temporal. It’s like a red tattoo that soon fades away after some days.

How Long Do Hickeys Last?

The level of damage done to the blood vessels will affect the time required for the hickeys to go off. The time of healing depends on the harshness of the hickey; if not treated, it can last for about 5 – 12 days. It is important to also note that a hickey is a bruise; it will heal like every other bruise you sustain in your skin. It also depends on your body healing mechanism.

How Long Do Hickeys Last
How Long Do Hickeys Last

Who Gives a Hickey, the Boy or the Girl?

Giving hickeys is not a male or female thing. To ask such question is just like asking who kisses who? Either of the partners can give a hickey to the other. Hickeys are just ways of saying you belong to me.

Who Gives a Hickey, the Boy or the Girl?
Who Gives a Hickey, the Boy or the Girl?

How do I Hide my Hickey?

Hickeys are not things to hide. Why did you put it there in the first place, is it not to show it up? But in case for any reason you want to hide it, bear in mind that it’s a bruise and won’t just vanish by applying cold, warm, or hot water. You can do any of the following to hide it:

1. Use a make-up concealer to cover it until your body heals.
2. Wear scarves or turtlenecks.
3. If you don’t have good immune system for healing, take vitamins.
4. Always stand in the dark.

How do I Hide my Hickey
How do I Hide my Hickey

What if I Don’t Want To Give or Receive a Hickey?

Many people hate hickeys and would not want to receive or give it to their partner. They feel doing so, is intentionally causing pain and physically harming their loved one. They feel it’s the same as hitting their partner; and why would you take pleasure in doing that to someone you love? Well, the fact is that, if you do NOT want to receive or give a hickey, then don’t do it! Don’t let anybody to force you into doing what you don’t like – a good partner will not want to hurt your feelings, therefore, will never force you into doing hickeys if you don’t want to.

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